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Dave Hodgson – has spent most of his working life in broadcast media. Beginning in hospital radio during the 1960’s, he was able to secure professional employment at the BBC at the dawn of local radio. His first job was as a technical operator, where he found he had a natural talent for recording music and then moved on to presentation and production. After 16 years retirement loomed, but before any relaxation could start, he was asked to join the media faculty at the local university, where instead of doing, he taught it. 6 years later and through amalgamation the faculty was abolished, so rest now? No, he was approached by Bradford council to join the team re-building the Bradford Alhambra, designing the sound system, which led him to mix with people intent on producing local television. So before he could reach for his slippers, Dave found himself working in television production, which he does to this day at BLTV. He has subsequently decided not to retire – as no-one will let him. Dave also wishes to point out that he is a qualified steam engine driver.